This blog of mine: "Circus of Life" is a sharing of my observations, feelings,views and perspective of life, after having suddenly lost a young son. It began with this life changing moment and has been cathartic for me, ever since. If you happen to have stumbled by, I hope you find my journey of some relevance!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I remember...

23rd Feb.10, changed our world.Our little son Akhil, was consumed at The Carlton Towers Bangalore,tragedy.
Its 4am on 25th Feb.and I felt I should share what I remember of Akhil, a son who is no longer there for me and Nithya but will not be erased from our lives and memory in our lifetime.
I remember...
  • A baby whom I used to rock to sleep
  • Dropping him on his first day at pre school and the teacher called Nithya to say,she didn't know whether to attend to the dad or son who both wept to go to school.
  • His passing out of Frank Anthony school and me telling him later that maybe I should have put him in a better school.
  • His joining NJC for his pre university and his principal calling me to say he was a tough kid to handle,and Akhil telling me,he knew more than his computer teacher did
  • His passing out of Christ and his pride in his college.He told me he felt a good college made a huge difference to his friends and his opportunities.
  • His stint with Kotak and his later confession that it taught him so much in sales-targets,talking to clients and convincing them
  • His days at Chesapeake and his ambition to drive the place to a different pace.
  • His calls after lunch every day and his line ..'Hmmm, what's up?"
  • His telling me on 23rd Feb morning, that he thought I needed to improve the layout my first blog from my company and I did.
  • Dad don't worry, I'll get you that BMW
  • Dad that's where our car lot needs to be, for our Lamborghini and Ferrari's,as we embarked on our small construction for our house recently.
  • Why,Dad, can't I think big, when I chided him to have his feet on the ground.
I write this 36 hours after he left us and I am not sure I can sustain this trail for long, but I know others who mattered have as special memories of my Akhil...so please add to this and share this blog with people whom you think, may want to continue with I remember...


  1. I remember...

    Akhil had the most contagious, energetic laugh. His smile made your heart feel warm and brought out the child in you. Behind that smile was an old soul. He had tremendous care for others and did so effortlessly and humbly. His love for his sister was inspiring and touching as it was completely selfless. He always put people first. I remember how he snuck me out for ice cream to welcome me into the family, and how we got stuck in the rain. I remember having long talks with him about his hopes and aspirations. I remember the stories he used to tell of how Nikhil troubled him, and the brotherly bond he shared with his older cousin brother. I remember Akhil's love for good rock music. I remember his love for his dog, bozo.

    Akhil will continue to be a role model for me for how I want to live my life, and I feel blessed that I knew him.

    -Akhil's sister n'law through his cousin brother Nikhil

  2. Memories of our Akhil come flooding in but my eyes fill with tears and I am unable to write. I will come back. I last saw Akhil on October 23rd 2009 before I left for the airport to return home. I am looking at a picture I took of him that Friday evening when he got back from work. Ever smiling. I cannot forget his magic smile.

    his mukund uncle

  3. Beautiful post.... was so lucky to have him part of our lives. He lives in our memories and will always be watching over you and aunty and arpita. We're all here for you uncle and this is hard one to take for me as well but I'm trying to be strong and trying to smile and be proud of what he did till the end.

    - rohini debroy

  4. ive met him only a few times...but i remember a person who's eyes spoke more than his words and someone who seemed older beyond his years...

  5. Akhil was my kid brother.

    I remember throwing water balloons off the terrace with him.
    I remember how scared he was of the neighbor’s dachshund Tyson when he was 2.
    I remember stuffing bananas into the neighbors tailpipe with him.
    I remember learning how to spin a top with him.
    I remember giving him hell, just because I could.
    I remember throwing coconuts out a moving van on the Mangalore-Bangalore highway with him.
    I remember our trip to Kerala.

    I remember how he took forever to get ready for school.
    I remember how he hated hindi class
    I remember how he loved good food. I remember how he loved kababs from the street vendor.
    I remember how bozo used to take him on walks
    I remember how he used to watch mtv on the big screen tv
    I remember us both pulling Pati’s leg.

    I remember how impressed I was with how well read he was.
    I remember what a sense of calm he brought with him.
    I remember how much he gave to his family.
    I remember him picking me up from the airport last time I arrived in Bangalore.
    I remember how much I learned from him the last time we skyped.
    I remember how much we both laughed when we cracked a joke.
    I remember how proud I was of the young man he had gown up to be.

    He was one of the nicest people I knew.

    I miss my kid brother.

  6. this is a lovely photograph. beautiful moment/ expression to be captured

  7. I had to read this again to comment the way you asked us. I didnt realise as I had read it really fast... here goes.

    I remember him talking about you so much. Would make sure he spends time with you.

    I remember his laugh.

    I remember the way he said "common" when i got angry at his remarks to poke fun at me or something.

    I remember we never met on sunday evenings coz he had to take arpi out. we always made sure he's back at home by 7.

    I remember our dinners after work.

    I remember sitting on his bike during our college days.

    I remember him telling me you should believe in yourself.

    I remember him saying I know my mom likes you.

    I remember I told him pls make our first date special and he did. He took me on a long bike ride.

    I remember we used to be broke but happy in college. He told me on 22nd feb, I really wish we could go back to those days.

    I remember when we started earning we kind of splurged coz we felt we deserved it.

    I remember him bringing me home and said i've never brought a girl home before.

    I remember his family's warm welcome and my awkwardness as I didnt know I would get so attached.

    I remember his maturity and wisdom from the day we met. He was way ahead than all of us.

    I remember his passion for life.

  8. Dear Uday and Nitya,
    I have no words to say to you which will console you but I would like you to know that I share with you your moments of grief and Akhil shall remain in my memory as a wonderful affectionate child.
    I remember
    1. Akhil always running around ragging Paati
    2. His sweet smile
    3.The lovely welcome he gave us when we made the surprise visit to your place in May last year.
    4.His gentle manner when he spoke to Arpi.

    May God give you both the strength to face the days ahead with Akhil's memories.

  9. I am Akhil's aunt, Aruni Aunty, as he would call me. I remember Akhil as a boy growing up to one of the finest young men I had the fortune and honor to know. Akhil visited Singapore for the first time when he was about 13 years old and we decided that we would drive him to nearby Sebana Cove in Malaysia with our younger son, Kunal, who became very close to Akhil.
    That trip was an eye opener to young Akhil for non-vegetarian food!! His uncle, my husband, Uttam uncle, as he would fondly call him, introduced Akhil to all kinds of seafood which
    Akhil loved and enjoyed. And so began the journey into a world of gourmet non-veg food for Akhil whenever he visited us in Singapore.

    Akhil was such an affectionate and caring boy. We knew him as a wonderful son to his parents, a loving brother to his sister ARpita and a loving and filial grand son to his elderly grand parents who dote on him so much.

    We will continue to remember Akhil this way. We know he is in a better place. May his beautiful soul rest in peace.

    Aruni Aunty

  10. We are Vijji Paati and Raghavachar Tata. We have always considered Akhil as our fourth grand son. We loved him a lot, and still do, and he considered us as one of his favorite Tata and Paati. We still refuse to believe that he is not with us. He was the one who always received us in the Bangalore airport and helped us to get out of our wheel chairs and into his car.
    The way he called me "Vijji Paati" still rings in my ears. We pray that Nithya and Uday have the courage to get on in life as there is no other alternative. Akhil's presence will always be felt by all of us.

    Fondly remembered by;
    Vijji Paati and Raghavachar TAta

  11. What Arun told me over the phone in the evening on the 23rd of February is still ringing through my ears and will continue to do so for a very long time to come... It isn't easy to accept that a friend who you have known since you were a toddler is no more.. Akhil was more than just a really good friend.. We knew too much about each other and shared way too much for that..
    Since that evening the only thing playing through my head are memories of Akhil.. Its strange how life takes such unexpected turns like this, a loss that will affect each and every one of our lives.. The times we have spent, seen each other grow up, been together through thick and thin.. Memories go way back to the times when we were kids..
    -days at Golden enclave, swimming, sprints and racing
    -NCC days
    -playing basketball, having fun more than enjoying the game..
    -ICSE boards, our results..
    -PUC days..
    -Introducing me to Senthil and Fuzu for the first time..
    -Akhils first bike! Then the CBZ and the Pulsar.. Doing them up, racing! Going for the Speed Run at Jakkur..
    -His passion for cars!
    -long rides, racing
    -our late night conversations that used to go on till the wee hours of the morning.. Get shouted at later for the high phone bills!
    -our talks about life, future plans.. plans of trading in stocks and shares, investments...
    -his motivating nature..
    -our regular evening visits to airlines hotel with Prashant, Brian and Senthil
    -The prank he played calling me to Club R saying we were to go partying there (on reaching there I find out that its a bakery near Christ college!)
    -our science-commerce arguements..
    -his gym..
    -his surprise visits to my college
    -things we talked about, laughed, shared that noone will ever know about, except the both of us..
    -the incident that Akhil, Hrishikesh and I had in Garuda mall coffee day, something which we will never forget..
    -Akhil's internship at Ogilvy and Mathers
    -Going for chaat to infantry road..
    -our group trip to a resort on Hosur road..
    -hanging out at my place
    -Prashant's, Brian's and my visits to Akhil's place and playing with Bozo..
    -The sessions that we attended on how life was empty and meaningless at the Landmark Forum Program (had an amazing time there) and subsequently sending 'I love you' messages to our Dads...
    -Our serious talks about our ambitions..

    I could go on and on about the good times.. Enough memories to last me a lifetime.. The only thing left of my dear friend who has impacted, influenced and been a part of my life are his fond memories that I will cherish till the end.. Akhil will be missed.. very badly.. His tragic loss has affected each and every one of us.. Akhil will live on among us..

    -Brijesh Dayayand

  12. Akhil... this smart guy is some1 who i have known for ages, more than a pal... well ive considerd him to be my brother.. Akhil myself and Fuzu the 3 idots... I am not able to digest the fact that he is no more with us... My only fried who has been so close to my family.. Remember those days when we would bunk tutions and sit in a bus stop not knowing what to do... Irrespective whether your with me or not.. I kno you will always be there for me..Miss U tons bro..

  13. Our memories of Akhil are of him wheeling with a smile his sister. The look in her eyes is one of absolute bliss and total belief that her life is complete with Akhil around. From the few occasions that we met him we felt the presence of a very well brought up and bred youngster. It is indeed a pity that his journey in this world was so cruelly cut short. The void he has left behind for his parents,grandparents and his numerous relatives,friends and even casual acquaintancescan never be filled. They say that God takes back from this world those whom he loves best and who have brought immense cheer all around them. This is very much true in Akhil's case.
    Uday and Nithya thanks for the opportunity to share our thoughts
    Leela and Krishna

  14. Dear Uday and the rest of all your family...

    I have never met Akhil nor interacted with the family ever, but today i wish i should have found an opportunity to do so, I have high regards for Uday and will always remain.

    There are no words from me that would share the grief or ease the pain, but i wish no parent/ father ever goes through what you did in the past few days... i could'nt even hug you at the crematorium, as i was fighting from within, "why does a father /mother have to see this day?"

    May you gain courage to ensure that the rest of the family comes to terms with a loss that nothing can fill.

    Pruthvi Banwasi
    Ex MAA

  15. We remember the innocent faced, ever-smiling angel Akhil "Moving" his beloved sister Arpita in such a way that he became a role model for any family to have.

    May God bestow peace upon him and help Uday Ji, Nithiya Ji, Arpita, and his grand-parents to be at peace.

    -Padma & Prithvi Raj Singh (From Los Angeles)

  16. Our memories of Akhil are mostly felt always within us, though all could never be expressed, i'm always going to cherish and feel happy with that smile behind that so called serious look of his that he always brought when he used to be with us.

    I remember moments with him, wher he used to love to have serious talks, his big foodie moments, his bikes and how he used to like talking about people whom he overtook on his way to college. He was the most brilliant and focused person we knew in our friends circle, always methodical in studying, dedicated to whatever he wanted to do.

    I remember
    -Our walks down to the food court in college
    - Our hang outs and night outs
    - times in the class room after a heavy lunch
    - his ambition after he joined kotak to be the biggest investment banker
    - his love/concern for his near and dear ones
    - Not compromising on family dinners/pujas to meet with friends

    There are so many things that he used to be concerned about:
    - that we his friends do well for ourselves (which he was really serious while talking to us), get loads of money and lead a happy and content life
    - and with the money hang out in posh places in a couple of years from now
    - keep in touch even as we grow old and retire and try to meet as much as possible
    - his "Hey Guys" listen up..
    "But, i will tell you one thing guys.."

    Hes left us with thoughts that i would never forget and would remember during my lifetime. Am so glad and privileged to be as a friend to him and will always be. You will be missed Akhil for all the time that we are here... your space that no one can fill or replace, those special moments that will never be erased, and for your concern and thought that we will ever try to live upto.

    To all at home, friends, relatives, may God give strength to live up to the tragic loss of Dear Akhil. Take Care.

    -Arun Castelino

  17. I remember
    • Akhil was the first friend I made in Christ College BBM. I remember him asking my mobile no, and me telling him that I don’t have a cell phone and then we headed to the food court to eat egg puffs. We guys were together since then.
    • I remember his never-ending conversations about the fights he had in NJC.
    • His talks about cars, bikes and engines. He always wanted the best in life, and was ready to work for it.
    • I remember him talking about Mecca the tea shop near Baldwin’s and that he would take me there one day.
    • I remember his “where are you” messages once he reached class, saying he was getting bored. He was never late to a class and I was the opposite.
    • I remember peeping through the glass doors into the class when the professor was teaching and waiting for his hand signal to enter the class.
    • We always sat on the same bench next to each other. We enjoyed each other’s company so much. Akhil I want to tell you that the days you never came to college the whole gang was bored.
    • I remember our thigh fights under the desk to see who was stronger. And he always emerged the winner as he had strong legs. And then me being a spoil sport by using support of my other leg. Once the game got so intense that he pushed me out of the bench and I fell on the ground and the whole gang laughed.
    • I remember him being punished to sit on the front bench while caught talking. And then he would message me saying “come to the front da “. And me replying “ha ha, enjoy.
    • I remember him telling vignesh – “Eh vigi I have something to tell you da, and when vigi turned to him, akhil would shout just shut up da “and the whole group laughed. “ Just shut up “was a catch phrase introduced by Akhil to our group.
    • I remember us comparing our Biceps size in class and then me telling him “Eh yours is bigger da “. Akhil was a laugh riot.
    • He always dropped me home when I had no cash to go back home, and after sometime it became a habit. We enjoyed talking while I sat behind him on the bike.
    • I remember us sharing our ambitions, talking about Porsches and big houses. Meeting up everyday for coffee at the oberoi’s. He was so ambitious and it was infectious as he made me ambitious too.
    • Akhil was extremely proud of his Dad. He always told me how his dad came up in life, the hardships he faced and how strong he was. He would keep telling me that his mom was his best friend and that he could share anything he wanted with her. And that she was his route if he wanted something from his dad.
    • I remember our trip to GOA our swim in the beach and the pool , the mad parties at Titos “ the first time I saw Akhil dance “ He had a style of his own .
    • I remember giving him proxy in class as he bunked them to meet rohini.
    • I remember us going shopping .
    I have so many memories with akhil, my best friend. He will always be a part of me till I exist. I hope he’s in a better world. May his soul rest in peace. I love you akhil, I miss you.


  18. I remember
    Akhil's first impression on me when I first met him as this soft spoken guy who is reserved until he knows the person.
    But as time flew he was this really fun person to hang out with.
    He always made sure that every person in our group never had a dull moment and would always lighten the moment with his witty comments and his insightful thoughts about life.
    I rememeber our bike races from our college to our favourite hangout for lunch, Royal Treat and how he would reach ahead of us all the time and then would just stand with a proud feeling of how he beat us all.
    I remember the glorious and the fun times we had in Goa and all the swimming, partying and the good times.
    I remember all the meeting at Mecca for some chai and some SULAIMANI and then wondering where to head to from there.
    I remember all the night outs and the meetings at Cafe day.
    I remember how my group name DUNGU BEETLE came up, it was the creative skills of akhil who jes came up wid the name after seeing something on the road and how I was annoyed and was trying hard to think of a name for him and just landed with a very lame name for him.

    I was not in town for a year and then when I came back I had lost all my contacts and the only person I spoke to from our grop was Vigi and I had mentioned to him that we should meet up as it had been long time, but unfortunately the day I met up wid my old and my fun group ever was for his funeral.

    Akhil,you have been a great friend and I have a lot of memories with you.

    I will truly treasure all the good times that I had with him and will always be a part of me.

    Thanks for everything and will definitely miss you

    May his soul rest in Peace

    - Mahesh

  19. To Uday & Nitya,
    I still live in disbelief that Akhil is no longer with us though in our hearts he lives forever. May god give you the strength and courage to bear this loss and live life as Akhil would have wanted you to.

    I remember:
    ...Seeing tiny Akhil for the first time in the incubator. I was one of the first to see him.

    ...The times he used to visit our home in R.T.Nagar and play with Kunal & Kushal. They used to spend most of their time cycling in the driveway. I was just looking at a snap of him clinging onto a big black teddy bear.

    ...He used to love playing video games. He was so proud to show my sons the steering wheel joystick that his dad had got him.

    ...Him telling me that his princi in NJC was quite the taskmaster.

    ...How happy he was with the kind of exposure Christ college gave him.

    ...How he congratulated his little cousin brother for his 12th results with his evergreen smile.

    ...How Uday, Nithya, Arpi, Mama and Mami meant the world to him.

    ...That with each passing day, I saw him grow into the fine young man that I will remember forever.

    - Sowmya Aunty

  20. Dear Vijayan uncle, Kamala aunty, Uday and Nitya,

    I was truly touched, moved and inspired by the grace and dignity with which each one of you conducted yourselves in the face of calamity that struck your family out of the blue.

    Although we did not know Akhil personally; we knew OF him from Kamala aunty. She always gave us an update about him, during our telephonic conversation with her. Likewise, she kept a tab of our daughters.

    Of course we have now come to know more of Akhil through this Blog and I must add that I admire Uday even more today, for creating this innovative way of expressing himself in the midst of his grief, instead of just wallowing in self pity. Uday created a marvelous platform for each and everyone who knew Akhil to pen down their thoughts and share it with one and all who log on to this blog.

    I am positive that Uday and Nitya will not let Akhil’s life go in vain. Knowing the stuff they are made of, I’m sure they will think of more innovative ways to keep his memory alive.

    Kamala Aunty’s words ring into my ears…


    Hats off to the Vijayans for handling the situation so courageously.
    May the Almighty be with each one of you.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    -Kala Kudva and Family

  21. First day of college for me and I remember telling Fuzail I didnt know anybody in my class. He says "Wait my friend Akhil is coming tomorro onwards". The next day he introduces me to Akhil and says he's from NJC. I ask him do you know Senthil and we instantly hit it off. The day passed just talking about the mutual friends we had. Thats how it all started.

    - I remember the early morning races to college just to reach class on time. Which we hardly ever did since we always stopped at mecca for a chai.

    - I remember Akhil's tape which automatically started playing everyday 11:30am sharp saying "I'm hungry da" and the seriousness with which he ate. Nobody disturbed him for fear of their life.

    - I remember the fun we had in the 3 years of Christ College. 3 years I'll never forget.

    - I remember the early morning freezing rides going to St.Joseph's PUC gym together and rushing to college thereafter.

    - I remember him taking my advice on how to get things going with Rohini and how I always told just be smooth like you always are and dont rush things.

    - I remember every time he said he had to go to the 'Doc' after college and actually went to meet her.

    - I remember the long talks we'd have of how we should get ourselves fast cars and explore India by road.

    - I remember him talking to me and helping me out when I was in a bad state of mind just before final year exams.

    - I remember the fights we had at Airlines to pay the bill. Eventually we always split it like gentlemen.

    - I remember hugging him the first time after graduation and saying "keep in touch da"

    - I remember the conversations we had when we started working about how college life is just so much better.

    - I remember motivating each other to just slog for a few years and set up a good platform and grow in our respective fields.

    - I remember him calling and saying he had bought the car I told him to and he wanted to show it to me first.

    - I remember him often calling me out for dinner with Rohini which I politely declined.

    - I remember 21st of Feb 2010. Akhil calls me up and says "Suf you're the only guy who knows Ro well in our group.. So lets go and get a gift"

    - I remember the attention to detail he always had and said he wanted to buy Ro a watch coz she never wore one.

    - I remember the last time I spoke to him. It was 3:50pm on Tuesday, 23rd Feb 2010. 10 minutes before the terrible incident.
    Akhil says "Suf we're celebrating Ro's birthday tonight.. Only Vigi and you are coming.. So wat time can you make it?"
    I say "Tell me when to come I'll be there"
    Ak - "Guest list will close at 8:30 so come before that"
    Me - "Aite but I wont stay long coz I need to sleep man.. I gotta be at Nandi Hill at 9 in the morning"
    Ak - "No probs.. Leave whenever you want to.. Oh cool.. you're taking part eh? Go and win da... belt all those fellows and make us proud"
    Me - "Ha ha.. thanks da.. Ok see you tonight"

    - I remember the frantic call from aunty at 6 o clock asking me if I spoke to Akhil. I was like "ya aunty I just spoke to him couple of hours back".

    - I remember calling Vigi and asking him to go there since I was caught up with some work and was really far.

    - I remember the dreadful news Vigi gives me after getting there.

    - I remember leaving everything behind, going straight to Fuz's place, pulling him out and rushin to Manipal.

    That was it. I could'nt digest it. I had'nt only lost one of my dearest friends. I had lost a brother. A pillar of support when I really needed him.

    He was one of the best guys I ever knew. True to his word and the most dedicated guy at whatever he did. A good son to his parents. A brother and a friend to his sister. A guy always respected and loved by everyone he knew.

    We will all miss him deeply. May God grant him the best of everything up in heaven.

  22. Dear, dear, Akhil, how can I ever forget you?

    We met for the first time a few years ago and my life has been enriched by you. Remember, your Aunt Aruna, cousin Kunal, you and I went for a vacation to Sebana Cove, Malaysia? And, how you loved the water, paddling canoes, exploring the myriad mangrove-lined watery byways?

    And, of course, food. "We don't cook non-veg at home, Uttam-uncle, but I'll try anything", you said - and try everything, you did. Remember the "Lobster Thermidor" and how well you polished it?

    You came to Singapore again - feels like yesterday - for your FCA tests. Tough times, dude, sitting in those 6-hour tests, and that, too, running a fever. But you did enjoy the post-exam mini-party we had at the Quay, eh?

    I still have your resume - the one you and I worked on till both of us were satisfied. And I also have all your emails.

    What a splendid guy you were - over the few days that this world had the privilege to have you.

    The love and care that filled your heart shone like a beacon. Others' well-being was foremost in your thoughts - your own was a distant second.

    Akhil, I found a poem that I think truly represents you ... it is YOU TELLING us:

    When tomorrow starts without me,
    And I'm not there to see;
    If the sun should rise and find your eyes,
    All filled with tears for me;
    I wish so much you wouldn't cry,
    The way you did today,
    While thinking of the many things,
    We didn't get to say.

    I know how much you love me,
    As much as I love you,
    And each time that you think of me,
    I know you'll miss me too;
    But when tomorrow starts without me,
    Please try to understand,
    That an Angel came and called my name,
    And took me by the hand,
    And said my place was ready,
    In Heaven far above,
    And that I'd have to leave behind,
    All those I dearly love.

    But as I turned to walk away,
    A tear fell from my eye,
    For all life, I'd always thought,
    I didn't want to die.
    I had so much to live for,
    So much yet to do,
    It seemed almost impossible,
    That I was leaving you.

    I thought of all the yesterdays,
    The good ones and the bad,
    I thought of all the love we shared,
    And all the fun we had.
    If I could re-live yesterday,
    Just even for awhile,
    I'd say goodbye and kiss you
    And maybe see you smile.

    But then I fully realized,
    That this could never be,
    For emptiness and memories,
    Would take the place of me.
    And when I thought of worldly things,
    I might miss come tomorrow,
    I thought of you, and when I did,
    My heart was filled with sorrow.

    But when I walked through heaven's gates,
    I felt so much at home.
    When God looked down and smiled at me,
    From His great golden throne.

    He said, "Akhil, this is eternity,
    And all I've promised you.
    "Today your life on earth is past,
    But here it starts anew.
    "I promise no tomorrow,
    But today will always last,
    "And since each day's the same day,
    There's no longing for the past.

    "But you have been so faithful,
    “So trusting and so true.
    "Though there were times you did some things,
    “You knew you shouldn't do.
    "But you have been forgiven
    “And now at last you're free.
    "So won't you take my hand
    “And share my life with me?"

    So, guys, when tomorrow starts without me,
    Don't think we're far apart,
    For every time you think of me,
    I'm right here, in your heart.

    - I love you Akhil.

    Till we meet again,
    25th Feb 2010

  23. I remember...
    - ro, you, gaurav n i going to the bakery and having chai, laughing and joking all the time....
    - the way you took care of ro...how your family, your sis meant everything to you
    - ro telling me how you constantly pushed the envelope at work, striving to be the best you can, hoping to achieve everything that your dreams were made of...
    - how we got distant over a small miscommunication...:(
    - how we finally put the past behind and decided to become friends..again..:D
    - how careful and meticulous you were while planning a holiday...you had our back! :)
    - how ro always said that you and I were similar in so many ways....
    - i remember feeling smug n happy on being compared to you! :P

    But most of all...I remember your smile, and how it reached your eyes...

    You were one of a kind Akhil...and will most definitely be missed...hugs...


  24. Dearest Nitya aunty,Uday uncle ,Thaatha ,Paati and Arpi may god give you utmost strength to bear this loss and live life as Akhil would have wanted you to.

    Akhil was one of the nicest human beings I have known,my best friend of 22years ,"chaddi dhosths" as he would want to call it.

    I remember those long play sessions we used to have on Eagles street, Akhil would be the most energetic kid glaring through his spectacles cheering everyone on, Sabena being our leader of sorts...

    I remember the plump,smart and the cutest guy around...

    I remember he would always tell me, he was named Akhilandeshwara.......was very proud of his long name...

    He never missed an opportunity to bring me paaati's home made choco cake in his blue break box.....

    Akhil was the best mrudangam player i knew.....

    He told me once, few days after his thread ceremony...He would consider becoming a pooojari..... He was ready for it....

    I remember the day he made me walk the MG Road boulevard following the miss good looking.....goood times....!!!

    I remember the lonnng telephonic conversations we use to have ..... about everything, from how boring hindi was to him... to him having to give miss prema a drop back home.....

    I remember ..one o those days...we used his computer to scan and print a currency note (only one side though)...he was sooo excited.

    Remember the day he called my dad to tell him he could get me an admission into pre-university college..... He literally convinced the principal that I could make it....Thanks da...

    I remember the day....he called me from Christ when he had his first drink with friends..... He was all grown up!!!

    I remember the day he wanted me to meet up with Rohini.... He wanted me to meet someone "special".......

    I regret the day I told him over the phone that I couldn't make it to meet him as I was held up with work... The last time I spoke to my chaddi dhosth...

    Akhila....you shall be remembered forever!!!

    Aunty,Uncle,Paati, thaaatha and my dearest Arpitha.... you were always family to me and may god give you the strength and courage in the days ahead.

    Spexy sexy- Love you forever!!!

    My heartfelt condolences.

    -P.V.Sai Sudhir

  25. Hi,
    Iam just a random guy who stumbled on this blog.I have not met Akhil, nor do I know any of his friends. Now I know Him.Its so touching that I cannot stop myself from leaving a comment. Life is so unpredictable.I some how wish Akhil could read all this. He was really lucky to have friends like you.Some of the comments here(Uttam, Bijesh , sowmya aunty),..... sorry I run out of out of words. May God rest his soul in peace.

  26. My Dear Uday,Nitya and Arpita,
    Though I dont have recollections in having met or known Akhil.I have thanks to this blog got to know about him.Its nice to see that he has touched so many lives during his short span here.As his parents and sister I can well imagine the pain that you all are going thru.I can only pray to God to grant you all strength to bear this great loss with fortitude.


  27. Hello sir,

    I cannot claim to know Akhil as well as some of the other people who've written here. I was his batch-mate at school, in a different section. Now, i feel i missed a really good friend and a good human being. The events of last week have left me very disturbed and, being an architect, i find myself assuming moral responsibility for what happened. I know that whatever I tender as an apology can never alleviate the pain that you are going through. However, i can promise you that i will do everything in my capacity to prevent such an accident ever occurring.

    My heartfelt condolences to you and your family, sir. May God give you the strength and courage to get through these difficult times. Our thoughts will be with Akhil, forever...

    Rest in Peace, my friend...


  28. I Remember,
    We always watch the news and read about things which happen around us, but its only when something touches us and affects us directly that we realise whats wrong.
    Akhil was someone who back in school seemed very quiet but actually was never so. He had the naughty shy touch to himself. Im sure if Jithin stumbles over this blog he would definetly agree.
    Akhil, you entire class is gonna be recallin the best memories of school - read into this you will definetly have a smile on ur face.
    Uncle/Aunty : May you gain all the courage to get through this difficult times ,my deepeset condolences with you.
    Saif Faizullah

  29. I am yet to reconcile with reality that a dear friend and classmate of ours has passed on.
    I still remember having always said he was my "best friend" in school and college. He still continues to be my "best friend" no matter what.

    My deepest condolences to Uday uncle, Nitya aunty and the whole family.

  30. I remember the first time I met him. It was also the last. We must have been 7 or 8. My grandmother was really keen that we meet her oldest army friends and so a visit was planned to your place. All along the way to your house, we were briefed about the long association our families share. We were also told that we could play with Akhil and Arpita. Not sure if they would be friendly, my sister and I kept thinking of ways to keep ourselves entertained in case we got bored.

    We reached your place. Introductions happened with the elders. We were waiting for company our age. And then Akhil came out of his room. A smiling, charming face greeted us warmly. He showed us to his room and the whole evening we played and talked. Far from getting bored, we did not realize how time flew by. It did not seem like we were meeting for the first time. It seemed like we had known each other forever.

    The one striking thing about Ahkil that stood out even during the first meeting was his extreme attachment and love for Arpita. Not many kids that age think about anything other than their games and toys. But Akhil was different. He was a person with a maturity way beyond his age.

    This was the only time we ever met. Over the years, our interactions with each other were only restricted to asking Kamala Aunty about Ahkil’s activities whenever we spoke to her over the phone. We got busy carving our own lives.

    When I heard the news from my parents on the morning on 24th February, I was in a state of disbelief. When we read about bomb blasts, a fire breaking out, killings or explosions in the newspaper, we just glance through the names of victims and then turn to the next page. Little heed do we pay to the helplessness and trauma that the families of these innocent victims go through. What an insensitive lot we have become!! But reading the headlines that morning with Akhil’s name staring in my face made me feel extremely rotten. It brought back to mind the same face I remembered meeting as a child, a face that will only remain a memory now.

    Your family has been a constant visitor to my thoughts over the last week. I can understand the pain you are going through but I admire how bravely you have handled this situation. It gives us all a lesson to learn. May God give you all the strength to bear this irreparable loss. If only life had an UNDO button….

    Nikita Kudva

  31. Dear Uday and Nitya,

    We are simply overwhelmed by the out-pourings on your blog. You continue to be in our prayers. Just penning down a thought that may bring you some solace.


    Take care and may God be with you all.

    Ravi and Kala

  32. Dearest Nitya Aunty & Uday uncle,

    My heart pains to think of what you must be going through; I've been away a long time and since I've returned to India now, it hurts a lot to have lost a very dear friend -- only when I thought I could be a little closer.

    I have fond memories - especially of minor things from school - of Akhil:

    I remember well how we would beat up Sai Sudhir at every instance in school (he & I loved doing that). Sorry Sudhir.

    I remember the joy Akhil would get from absolutely nonsensical and minor inconveniences we caused others (of course, I did too!); hence we made good partners in crime.

    I recall class 9 and how he was a good companion for report card day: I would have invariably not sailed through in Kannada and Akhil Math. We both detested those subjects back in the day.

    I remember how we hated Bhattacharya (our physics teacher) in class 9. We had such fun in class that year. We made so much fun of her. I even have a card which he gave me on my birthday. It includes ideas on how we could harass her!

    I remember him pouncing on my lunch in school (& I, all the more willing to give it away!).

    I remember our phone conversations when we could complain about all the nerds in class (I won't be naming anyone now).

    I remember spending time with him at your home in Domlur. He was such a great and easy going guy.

    I remember sharing his ambitions more often than not via email, when he would ask me about college life in the States. I know he wanted to do pursue an MBA at some point.

    More recently, (& its something that's printed in memory now): I remember us getting dinner when I returned to India. At first he & I were extremely formal, but we quickly embraced, swapped stories on relevant things, and updated each other on our experiences. He was so supportive and wanted to know if I needed any help in getting a job in India. He spoke of you both, Uncle and Aunty; he told me how happy he was with Rohini (at which point he asked with trepidation if I was seeing someone!) and with his career.

    Perhaps etched in memory for me are the happiness, ambition and fulfillment I saw in Akhil the last time. I miss him very much.

    Habeeb Noor

  33. Dear Nitya and Uday,

    This is me Parimala ShreeShaw. My heartfelt condolences. I understand loss and i know how it hurts. Life changes so much, its almost unrecognizable to us. Nitya, Akhil has been in my thoughts in the recent past. I havent seen him grow, and have only seen the two of you on rare occasions in MAA parties and of course i still remember the lovely time we had at the LEELA Goa. There are two books written by a discerner that helped me come to terms with my loss, i would like to send it across to you. Do let me know if you want them. Nitya and Uday, a small quote from the book

    The souls tell us that no matter what manner we communicate to them - whether in the silence of our hearts or out loud, they hear everything we tell them. The souls tell us "We are closer to you than we ever could have been on the earth and we will never abandon you."

    Dears, hope with time you will come to terms with your loss like I have.

    Regards to you and
    Love to Akhil

  34. Nitya and Uday,

    Hope is like a golden ring. If I took the ring from your finger and tossed it into a lake, you would not have it, and it would be gone forever. If I took the ring from your finger, and held it in the palm of my hand forever, you also would not have it, but it would never be lost. This is hope; knowing that what we hold precious is held in the hand of the Infinite Power - forever.

    That is the very nature of our hope on earth - knowing the things taken from us on the earth will be returned one fine day in the Garden of Souls. In the meantime, we can only continue in the trust that our loved ones are in good care until they return to us.

  35. Let's speak up about this tragedy.

    "The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

  36. Reading the mail from Mukund and Sandhya plunged me back to the year 2003 when close friends of ours lost their only son in a bomb blast when he had been at the University just three days earlier, where he was to have pursued his studies. He was 23…I met Akhil only very briefly at Nikhil’s wedding but his smile lingers in my memory. My heart goes towards his parents and Sandhya and Uday's parents, though I'm as lost as anyone at all to say anything at all which will make any sense.
    I had known the other 23 year old since he was two. He had asked his mother at 10 when I was pregnant, “but why does Rama want ‘another’ child?” He was a big brother to my children and an eternal source of pleasure to me as a son who was not really mine. He like Akhil had acquired the wherewithal, knowledge, grace, kindness, music and a solid investment in friends and family who surrounded him. Prepared to take up the challenges of life, not really prepared for death. I had thought of Abimanyu then…When he died his parents built this “circle of friends” who would transcend all that’s ugly that sometimes surrounds us despite us and sometimes because of our indifference. “Circle of friends" like the Blog that Uday has built. I admire their courage, the courage and generosity of parents who have to pronounce this un-pronounceable phrase “my child is dead”. When David died I realised how a wide domain of family and friends are never going to be the same any more. My only hope is that the youngsters who have so poignantly expressed themselves in the Blog carry that flame that Akhil was for them, in their hearts and be in close contact and carry the flame of friendship for evermore.
    Rama is Mukund's cousin

  37. I met Akhil for the first time at a friend's birthday party on 31 January. He'd come with a friend, and wanted to leave early as there was a family function he had to attend.

    Only later, I got to know that he was Uday's son. I was so zapped that Uday's son had grown so big!

    Later, when I met Uday at an MAA party on 19 Feb, I mentioned this to him saying how I'd felt like an old fossil then. We both laughed about it.

    And then this crushing news on 23 Feb. I cannot even imgine the kind of strength that Uday and Nitya need to cope up with this unbearable loss.

    All one can say is, may God give you all the strength to bear this.

  38. Dear Nitya Aunty, Uday Uncle, Kamala Aunty, Vijayan Uncle and Arpita

    I apologize that I am writing so late to you all. I know that time has passed but Dear Akhil will be missed more with every passing day. I was crushed when I heard this news just a day after my wedding day and I could not believe it.

    You all have been an embodiment of strength all these years and I pray to god to give you more to handle this. Ultimately I think we need to believe that It is god's will and Akhil is in a better place right now.

    I remember Akhil as a very sweet, responsible guy who was very concerned about others and although we were not in touch very regularly, we hit it off very well whenever we met. I've seen him grow up since I was a child and I remember the fond times when I used to love to come to your place to play with him.

    I pray to god that the gentle soul rests in peace.



  39. Akhil was more than my favorite nephew; to Mukund and me, he was our younger son. We loved him so much. So many lives have been shattered by this unexpected tragedy. I am at a complete loss for words to describe how I feel. I pray to God to give us all the strength and courage to bear the pain and the vacuum Akhil has left behind.

    I will always remember that beautiful and infectious smile and his eyes that said so much. He brought a sense of calm and peace when he entered the room. He was a selfless person and always on the look out for others, especially Arpie, Thatha, Pati and his Mom and Dad. He was full of love and affection. We watched him grow over the years -- every time we went back to Bangalore he had matured some more. So many memories from over the years; my heart aches so much to go on...

    The last time I saw him in the summer of 2009, I spent a couple of months at home with him and the rest of the family. Akhil had grown into a fine young man, and I felt so proud to be his aunt. He loved his job at Chesapeake, told us about it and all his other plans for the future. Every night after he got back home and had dinner, we would sit at the table, and have long conversations. We discussed everything under the sun. He had large ambitions, and a passion for all the good things in life. I looked forward to these nightly conversations.

    I love you Akhil and miss you so much. You are one of the sweetest persons I have had the privilege to know, and feel graced by the time I was able to spend with you. My memories of you will never fade -- you will always be in my heart, and I am sure that you are in a happier place at peace and with God.

    Your loving Sandhya Aunty

  40. Dear Sir,

    Please accept our heartfelt condolences. We were shocked to read about this tragedy. It would help many who have suffered such losses if you were to continue this blog.

    May God grant you and your wife the strength to overcome your sad loss.

  41. Dear Vijayan Uncle, Kamala Aunty, Uday uncle and Nitya Aunty,

    Here is a message which gave my family solace when we went through a rough patch…

    Smooth roads never make good drivers.
    Tension free life doesn’t make tough people,
    So, when life throws challenges at us,
    Don’t ask God why me?
    Instead, challenge life and say TRY ME!

    Here’s a little note for you’ll…

    Our world needs people….
    Who can walk through the fire and not be consumed,
    Wade through the waters and not be drowned,
    Emerging as gems priceless and beyond compare
    Showing the way to others in despair.

    Will drop by this week to spend time with you all. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you.

  42. My memories of Akhil...

    I remember visiting your place as a kid with my sister and cousins; where I remember exploring your toys, books and particularly the stickers of cartoon characters. There was one sticker which glowed in the dark and knowing my fascination for it, you made sure it was mine before I left.

    I remember your strong bond of affection and compassion you shared with Arpita and the manner in which you revolved a few games around her.

    I remember how we gave mock exams in history and geography before the dreaded ICSE board exams.

    I remember how you put me across to some of your contacts when I considered making a career in the advertising field.

    I remember what a wonderful person you were.
    Truly, you were God’s angel on earth,
    Now, your God’s angel in heaven.

    -Neha Kudva

  43. I remember … I remember
    I cannot forget Akhil
    • I remember the glow on his parents’ faces in the summer of 1986 a few months before he was born
    • I remember the toddler sitting around with fruit baskets on his head
    • I remember how terrified he was of a little dachshund named Tyson, and how little Nikhil took advantage of that to terrorize ‘littler’ Akhil during a summer vacation in Sainikpuri
    • I remember how he hated to get his hair wet and the tantrums that preceded an oil bath or getting his hair washed
    • I remember him cycling with his friend Sudhir in the compound of the house on Eagle Street, and how he would crack up when I joined them and attempted to ride Arpie’s tricycle
    • I remember him telling his mom that he loved her so much, that he would marry her when he grew up
    • I remember him walking around with his dad’s video camera, and how he had to have every gadget that his dad had
    • I remember how he grew to love dogs and how happy he was when he got a tiny Labrador puppy whom he named Bozo
    • I remember him giving Bozo baths in the yard – it was never clear to me who was bathing whom
    • I remember him taking Bozo for walks every day, come rain or shine; and on some days it was not clear who was dragging whom out for the walk
    • I remember the chaos that was his getting ready to go to school every morning, and the panic when he could not find his socks one day or his belt the next or his school tie the day after…
    • I remember how everything that he didn’t want to do, like homework, was always ‘so boooooooooooooring, ya!’
    • I remember how he had grown up a little more every time we went back to visit
    • I remember the pride in Arpie’s voice when he wheeled her into a party and she announced in a loud voice: “everybody – this is MY brother Akhil!”
    • I remember how helpful he wanted to be to Sandhya and me
    • I remember the struggles he went through in trying to figure out what career path he wanted to pursue
    • I remember the long talks he and I had discussing his career options
    • I remember him telling me he wanted to retire in five years, and I told him to get in line
    • I remember how much he had grown to enjoy his work at Chesapeake, and how excited he was about it and the future it held for him
    • I remember how reluctant he was to introduce me to Rohini, and how he kept coming up with one excuse or another to put it off a couple of days
    • I remember what a wonderful young man he had become, and how he was in such a good place when I last saw him in October
    • And I will never forget his smile

    Today is Sunday the 13th day of his passing -- it is a day to celebrate his soul finding eternal peace. Akhil is in his nirvana. My colleagues at work sent Sandhya and me a sympathy card that arrived yesterday. Let me share the sentiment expressed therein with you:
    “This is a time of remembrance, a time to reflect on the life just passed. There is comfort to be found in shared memories, and there is strength to be found in fellowship and love.” “Each soul leaves a legacy of love… each memory a bridge to comfort and connect one heart to another forever”

    his Mukund uncle

  44. It's almost two weeks now, since Akhil left us.To us, it will always be, like yesterday.When I began this post, I didn't realize he had touched so many people,people who knew him and some who randomly came across this blog.I also didn't realize how therapeutic this post would be to me and Nithya- to hear about things we knew and many we didn't about our Akhil.A lot of your messages left us with a lump in our throats and our eyes to swell.Also,what the last two weeks ,has told us, is that there are so many around, who are readily offering their shoulder and hands to us.We are proud that Akhil made an impression, on so many.Thank you for this and we will en-cash this.As we move forward to press the 'restart' button in our lives,these messages, will be something, we will always keep going back to. Thanks again, your thoughts,prayers and memories have given us the strength,please keep your memories flowing!
    Also,I am wondering if I should set up another post on how we should bring closure and justice to those who got impacted by this tragedy...
    Uday-Akhil's Dad

  45. Dear Uday,

    We have been following your blog religiously and were happy to read your post today. Believe me, it looks like we have been through the mourning period with you all. That is the impact your blog has had on us and feel we are an integral part of your blog family.
    It is indeed a great idea to take the blog forward and involve people who lost their near ones in the mishap. Every step taken will be a step in the right direction to bring in the change we wish to see so that office premises do not turn into death traps in future.
    We have faith in your abilities and are ready to lend our support in what ever way we can. The world needs more people like you who can make a difference.
    I end with a beautiful thought:

    -Ravi and Kala

  46. Dear Uday,

    I am totally shocked by hearing this tragic news. My heart goes out to you and Nitya. May God give you the strength to keep fortitude at such a devastating time. May Akhil's soul rest in peace.

    Rajesh Kaushik

  47. Dear Uday and Nithya,
    We still remember the day we left Shweta in Bangalore at Jain College and Akhil said to us,"Shweta is my younger sister and I will look after her".
    He was always there for her whenever she needed him.
    We will always remember Akhil as a wonderful and caring son,brother,grandson and a nephew to us.May god give you strength and courage to overcome this huge loss.
    Anu,Keerthi,Shweta and Niharika.

  48. Dear Uday and Nitya,
    The ideal manner of justice being rendered to the people like Akhil whi lost their lives through no fault of theirs and the families and friends would be a thorough probe into the security and life-threatening lapses in the high-rise buildings. It should be done expeditiously and corrective action taken to set right the defeciencies and short cuts taken by avaricious people for short-term grains.
    By this action we will be paying our homage to Akhil and others who haveunduly lost their lives.

  49. Dear Uday & Nithya,

    I pray for you...
    I pray that god gives you the courage and the strength to carry on...
    I pray for Akhil, I pray that his soul is free...

    It is said that prayers heal ... I ask god to heal you and protect you & Nithya & Akhil.

    God bless.


  50. Dear Aunty and Uncle,

    Im pretty sure all of us, D section classmates are still finding it hard to believe that Akhil is no more.

    We weren't really in the same friends circle back in school. He was Madhuri n Sudhir's cousin to me. But I fondly remember him teasing me as "Vidharth's aunt". :)

    After graduation, we recently got in touch for a friend's birthday. It was a real pleasant surprise to meet him with Rohini. I remember we talked about school days and how we had changed. I saw his lighter side for the first time. Him dancing was a sight I had never seen, and I remember talking about meeting him to Brijesh about how good it was to see an old class mate after so many years and what a wonderful couple he and Rohini made.

    May God give all of you the strength to overcome this loss and may Akhil's soul rest in peace.

    Juhi V

  51. Hello sir,

    I did not know Akhil at all... I was given a link to this post by a friend to read and I just wanted to share that whatever I have read about Akhil reminds me of my best friend,Rahul, the one who gave me this link and I feel connected to your family and Akhil. I am really not sure how this matters but I wanted to share this with you.
    Akhil's loss can never be filled but he will continue to live and love all of you forever.

    May god be with all of you always. :)Please let us know if there is anything at all we can do.


  52. Akhil,will always be there till my last breath.This darling,indeed is unforgettable,his face is always etched in my memory.Ever since we lost our dear Akhil, few weeks ago,on a black Tuesday,I have been wanting to pen down my happy memories of him, but, emotions overpowered me.I just could not gain strength to do so. Even now,it is hard to believe he is no more with us physically.
    Akhil's childhood was really adorable.I can still picture this cute,chubby and irrestible child whom we have fondled and enjoyed.I took pleasure in stitching all his baby clothes and as he grew up,would bring him smart children's dresses from our trips abroad,since they were not available easily those days here.He would look smashing in them and we have still treasured all those pictures.
    As he grew up as a young boy,his talents were exposed.He was very good at sketching cartoons,painting birthday cards for his loved ones.He would solve any jigsaw puzzle in a jiffy and loved playing his mridangam while still young.Importantly, he showed a keen interest with computers and when he was hardly old,he began using his fathers laptop.He later excelled in this area,getting adept in solving any problem connected with computers.We were proud of his achievements at this age.
    Once he started working, he had a chance to meet different types of people,and this gave him a chance to understand human values with maturity that transformed him.
    Akhil, was a boy with a golden heart,so kind and compassionate to elders,was ever willing, to give a helping hand to the needy and believed in God's blessings.He gave us love and care in abundance,as his family was of utmost importance to him.Indeed, his valuable few years with us,was a God given gift to us and we deeply regret his absence now.
    We strongly belive that those we love dearly don't go away,thay walk besides us everyday,unseen,unheard,but always near us,still loved,still missed but ever dear in our hearts.
    I pray fervently and hoping he is safe and peaceful in a better world.
    Miss him,
    [Akhil's grandmother]

  53. Its two months and as I recollect my memories of our warmhearted grandson Akhil, I can still remember his charming smiling face, which won many hearts.
    He had the highest regard and love for his Thatha and Patti, ever ready to help us with our needs. It touched our hearts, when he insisted on taking both his grandparents on his first drive to the temple in his new car. It was typical of Akhil’s commendable nature, which may be difficult to find in his age group.
    There are some instances, which will remain in my memory.
    He was always fond of me and showed it in many ways. Many years ago, when I was unwell, and had to be hospitalized, he would not let the car go, till he went to a nearby temple and got me some ‘prasad’ for me to carry with me to the hospital. Or his daily ritual, of saying ‘goodnight ‘to his grandparents before going to his room.
    I cannot forget one happy, unique incident, mid last year. The IISc of which I was an old student, was celebrating its 100th year over a week. On one such evening, there was a get together followed by dinner. Akhil decided to take us; we met a few old members of the alumni and felt we should not stay for dinner as it would be served late. Akhil, did not like us missing dinner and so, drove us straight to the Leela Palace hotel for a treat from him. I, his grandma and he had a great evening together. That indeed was unforgettable of Akhil’s kind and generous gestures.
    Akhil showed interest in my academic career and took pride in it. He was excited when I told him that when I was studying at the IISc ,Sir CV Raman was the Director and I had met him several times. Or, later when I went to the US to do my masters, I had the privilege to meet Einstein at Princeton. This made him really proud!
    Akhil showed a lot of concern for his sister Arpita and would do anything to make her happy and cared a lot for his parents.
    We have treasured all his photographs from his childhood to different stages of his life and cherish them with a lot of happy memories.
    He had a lot of good friends’ right from his nursery with whom he still stayed in touch. They miss him and visit us frequently to share our grief and offer their help when needed.
    Having experienced all his noble qualities, we as a family, find it incomplete without him.
    I am sure he has gone to a better world to experience the Peace!
    Miss him,
    [Akhil’s grandfather]

  54. ^ - super sweet post by Akhil's Grandfather :)

    - Reynah